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Guia do utilizador: My Events / Confirm Score

Buddy lets you keep track of all the events you entered. The "Confirm Score" function lets you introduce your own scores... so you can reminisce later on!
  • Access My Events on the side menu
  • All your events are listed in chronological decreasing order
  • Listed with a "W" are those events in which you won, those marked as "L" are the ones you lost, marked with "D" are those you draw. 
  • Events that have not yet been confirmed appear with a "?"
  • Press the event to view the final score
  • Press "more details" to view the partial results
Confirm Score
  • The organizer of the event is the one who can confirm the final results
  • The introduction of the score depends on the type of sport of the event
  • The "mine" text shows your team's score
  • For those sports in which the final result depends on the scores of the sets, you will need to introduce the partial results. The app will calculate the final score.
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