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User Guide: Create Events

You can't find an event that fits your needs? Create your own event! Buddy will help you to create an event according to you preferences! We will help you...
  • To create an event press symbol "+" on the top right in the event list
  • Option "My Sports" shows all the sports under your profile, and the number of times you practiced them 
  • In case you want to create an event in another sport, chose option "All Sports"
Choose Venue
  • After choosing the type of sport you want to practice, the app will show Buddy's partner Clubs for that sport
  • You can check all the Club details (contacts, address with GPS navigation, photos, facilities, etc.) and access to its reservation system / website through the respective buttons
  • Don't forget: many of our Club partners have discounts for our users!
  • You can choose other Clubs or Venues clicking the button "Pick Other Venues"
  • Already created Venues show up on the map. You just have to press the pin in order to visualize the Venue's name
  • Press the name of the Venue in order to chose the Venue
  • Choose "Add New" to create a new Venue or Club
Add New Venue
  • In case the Venue has not yet been created, please chose "Add a New Venue" or "Add New". On the next screen you will need to place a pin on the spot you want to practice your sport and choose "Add New" to enter the data for the new place or club
  • After filling in the specific fields choose "Add"
  •  The address and phone fields will allow GPS navigation and a direct call from the app to the Venue
  • Choose the date for the event
  • Choose the time for the event
  • Define how long the event is going to take
Advanced Options
  • Type the event description (optional)
  • Define the price per person that will participate in the event (optional)
  • Define the skill level you wish for the event: Any (any user can joint the event), Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro
  • Define the gender for the event: Male, Female, Any (mixed-gender event)
  • Choose "Create" and your event will become visible in the event list!
Confirm Event
  • When an event has at least two participants the organizer can confirm it by pressing the "Confirm Event" button
  • By confirming the event is automatically triggered an email for all participants stating that the event will take place (even if not full)
  • When playing in a Buddy's partner Club and you confirm the event, an email is sent to the Club's reception desk with the list of participants. This way, participants will benefit from the discount negotiated with the Club!
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