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User Guide: Join Events

You are registered to Buddy for Sports and now you want to start your activities with your friends or meet new Buddies. You have two ways: join an event that someone has already created or you can create your own event.
Here are some tips on how to join an event.
  • Join an event by pressing the "Join Event" button. In this situation the app automatically choses a team for you
  • You can chose your own team by pressing one of the available spots on Team A or Team B. As you press any of the players photo, you can access his/her profile
  • The event organizer's photo has got a very small flag on top of it
  • You can quit an event you joined by pressing the "Unjoin" button
  • After pressing "Join" your participation on the event has to be confirmed by the event organizer
  • As long as your confirmation has not been given, your status on the event will show as "Awaiting Confirmation"
  • If you are the organizer of the event you can either accept or reject other users by pressing his/her photo
  • The app automatically notifies (through e-mail) those waiting for confirmation
  • You can share any event by pressing the "Share" button (on the right side of the "Join" button. The share options are E-mail, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Sharing an event generates a link to the event. Users who are not yet registered to Buddy may do so by clicking on the link 
  • Users who join an event that has been shared do not need the confirmation from the organizer. When these users join the event they are automatically accepted!
  • If you are the organizer of an event you have the possibility of editing it. To do so just press the edit symbol (the pencil) on the right top
  • If you are the organizer of an event you can cancel it only when no-one has joined the event
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